Who we are

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The Laundry Boutique

The Pulilampo Laundry is undoubtedly a shining example of how much such a sector has been experiencing a phase of profound evolution over the last few years. We are talking about a historical activity, consolidated over the years and projected towards ever more important objectives, trying to offer an accurate and personalized service both for the private user and for the hotel sector, where it plays a primary and increasingly present role in the reality of noble national and international brands of the Como area. The key and primary objective on which the activity is carried out is to always achieve “customer satisfaction”.

The company was taken over 5 years ago by two entrepreneur friends with the intention of carrying out a well-finished and detailed project, where the customer plays a primary and truly unique and important role and therefore over time our clientele has expanded because we have succeeded in instilling a feeling of quality, seriousness and professionalism, thanks to our ability to give life to works of absolute importance and to keep the fibers of the fabrics always at their maximum performance and potential.

What we offer

Our customers know that they can turn to a group of industry experts, ready to satisfy every need and to guarantee everything they feel they need. Each of our collaborators is always by your side and follows you step by step. Pulilampo The Laundry Boutique is just waiting for your clothes and linens, with the prospect of giving them a new face and removing all signs of dirt and stains. From jackets to sheets, from duvets to furs, passing through underwear and raincoats, you can really leave us any type of fabric. We take care of always keeping it in good working order thanks to a range of services able to surprise you from every point of view. First of all, we are a simple laundry and we take care of the careful and methodical washing of each garment.

Therefore, we have developed in the field of dry cleaning, i.e. the latest generation of dry cleaning for products that are not creased in any way. Our dyeing department allows your models to return to their original color and to recover the lost enamel. We also take care of the cleaning of textile and fur items, carrying out our washes even on more complicated garments to treat. Our work continues with different types of tailoring work, essential to ensure that the model you requested can be adjusted from every point of view. From the washing of precious carpets to that of wedding dresses, without leaving bags and shoes in the background, we offer you a wide range of opportunities which you just have to take advantage of in maximum safety and tranquility.