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The Pulilampo Laundry Boutique"

The Pulilampo Laundry Boutique is without doubt a brilliant example of how such a sector has been experiencing a phase of profound evolution over the past few years. We are talking about a historical activity, consolidated over the years and projected towards increasingly important objectives, trying to offer a refined and personalized service for both, the private user and for the hotel sector, where it plays a primary role and more present in the reality of national and international brands emblazoned in the Como area. The primary objective on which the activity takes place is to always achieve "customer's satisfaction".

Our company was taken over 5 years ago in Como Area, by two business friends with the intention of finding a curate and detailed solution, where the customer plays a primary and truly unique and important role. This is the reason why over time, our customer base became much larger, influenced by a feeling of quality, concreteness and professionalism, which we were able to convey thanks to our ability of performing important work, and of always keeping cloths and fabrics in top condition and in their full potential.

What we offer

Our customers are aware of the fact that they can rely on a group of absolute experts in this business, thanks to which all kinds of needs and requirements may be successfully satisfied. Each and every one of our collaborators will always be at your side, step by step.

The Pulilampo Laundry Boutique is just waiting for your clothes and linen, in order to give them a new look and remove any sign of dirt and stains. From jackets to sheets, duvets, furs, including linen and raincoats, you can really bring to us all kinds of fabrics. We will take care of keeping it in perfect conditions at all times, thanks to many services, which will definitely surprise you from every point of view. We were initially born as a simple laundry, so we wash each item carefully and methodically.

Later on we also developed as dry cleaners, moving on to wash clothes without even creasing them. Our dyeing sector allows your clothes to return to their original color, giving them their long-lost magic.

We also offer textiles and fur cleaning, for fully refurbishing clothing items, which are more complicated to work with. Our work continues with different types of tailoring works, essential for ensuring that the model you request gets its original beauty back. From fine carpets to wedding dresses washing, without mentioning bags and shoes, we provide a wide range of opportunities for you to benefit from, in complete safety and peace of mind.

Finally, if needed, you can use an on demand home service, thanks to which one of our representatives will come directly to your home and perform any interventions you want. In conclusion, our Pulilampo Laundry Boutique has all the right tools and credential for truly surprising you, giving new life to every product you will eventually send over to our center.



  • I had several discoloured clothes, and it made me quite sad. I had finished all ideas on how to give some life back to many dresses I used to love, but it got better thanks to help of The Pulilampo Laundry Boutique. Within a few days, numerous garments returned to their full potential, thanks to a qualified and experienced team.
  • I already knew about Pulilampo Laundry Boutique’s ability to keep clothing always in tip-top condition. However, I was not at all aware of how this small firm’s staff was capable of performing tailoring works of absolute beauty. I had my sweater's stitching adjusted, and I was definitely happy with the work done.
  • I was on vacation in this region of Lake Como, and I did not intend to waste time washing clothes, neither mine or my husband’s. So I chose The Pulilampo Laundry Boutique for the task, and they refurbished every clothing item and dress we sent. Such an awesome service!

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