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The Pulilampo Laundry Boutique is without doubt a brilliant example of how such a sector has been experiencing a phase of profound evolution over the past few years. .

We are talking about a historical activity, consolidated over the years, thanks to which preserving the original appearance of your laundry, without any risks for its state, becomes not only possible, but also easy. Our company was taken over 5 years ago in Como Area, and has no intention of stopping. We were born thanks to the passion of two business friends, who decided it was time to find an alternative source of income, by focusing on several crucial premises, which made their business increasingly popular. The primary objective on which the activity takes place is to always achieve "customer's satisfaction".
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  • I had several discoloured clothes, and it made me quite sad. I had finished all ideas on how to give some life back to many dresses I used to love, but it got better thanks to help of The Pulilampo Laundry Boutique. Within a few days, numerous garments returned to their full potential, thanks to a qualified and experienced team.
  • I already knew about Pulilampo Laundry Boutique’s ability to keep clothing always in tip-top condition. However, I was not at all aware of how this small firm’s staff was capable of performing tailoring works of absolute beauty. I had my sweater's stitching adjusted, and I was definitely happy with the work done.
  • I was on vacation in this region of Lake Como, and I did not intend to waste time washing clothes, neither mine or my husband’s. So I chose The Pulilampo Laundry Boutique for the task, and they refurbished every clothing item and dress we sent. Such an awesome service!

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